incredimail sucks

I have learned a very important and costly ($145 so far) lesson:  search software/application reviews before downloading/installing such things on your computer.

I teach writing lessons online, and one of my students sends me emails using the free version of Incredimail.  Because I work with kids online, it looked like a great idea for embellishing emails and making the lessons more fun.  The premium version was only $30, so as a business expense to get the full program without ads, I thought, why not?  Of course after a couple weeks, I wanted more pictures and animations, so I purchased the gold gallery for another $40.  (I know, I know, this has “sucker” written all over it.)

The Gold Gallery never worked. Every time I tried to access it, I just kept getting invited to purchase the gallery again. I spent 3 weeks with at least 3 different tech support people all running me through the same diagnostics. Finally, one tech sent me an email that said that the problem was Firefox3 and that they were coming out with a fix for that shortly. Actually, this was happening before I upgraded to Firefox3, but whatever…

In the meantime, my computer slowly started going insane. First my print spooler disappeared and I couldn’t access any printers over my home network. So I had to delete all the printers, but I don’t know how to set up the network again – an awesome friend had done it for me, but then moved to India for some crazy reason (probably because being my personal IT guru doesn’t pay that well). (ok, ok, it’s was all about obeying God, not me.)

Next I lost access to certain websites that I could access just fine before. Because I know only enough to function on a daily basis, these types of problems mystify me and drive me to distraction. It takes so much of my brain power to figure out things in the labyrinth of a computers innards, I cannot think about anything else at the same time. My stress level steadily rose as “Cordelia” continued to manifest more and more maniacal behaviors.

The kicker was when Times New Roman disappeared.  People could send me emails and documents in TNR, but I couldn’t see what they wrote unless I hit reply and changed the font to anything else.  My awesome friend helped me find info about garbled text, but none of the fixes in the font files helped.  As far as my font files were concerned, TNR was there in full form fine and dandy.  To work around it, I just avoided TNR, but it would mock me everytime I edited a paper and TNR was the default for making comments.  I’d be typing away only to look up and see nothing there!  aaauuuuuggggghhh!!!

When I switched back solely to Outlook for drafting emails, they embedded themselves in my inbox and told me I didn’t have authority to send them when I hit send. A host of other “unspecified errors” started popping up as well, and I knew it was time for professional help.

Thankfully, a local computer repair fellow became my knight in shining armor and my new best friend. I went in with my list of freaky anomalies, and he confirmed my suspicions about Incredimail. Cordelia needed a complete lobotomy. He gave me perfect directions on how to back up my computer and even put me forward in his queue so I wouldn’t get so far behind on my student emails. Cordelia was back in my lap in less than 30 hours! It’s taken me another 30 hours and counting, though, to get her rockin’ and rollin’ again with all the downloads, passwords, and configurations one must execute!

Now the really sucky part of Incredimail is that I have voiced my concerns, and then my complaints, and finally my requests for a refund. I am not happy with the product and want my money back. I have yet to achieve that. All I get are kind responses of their sincere desire to help me fix the problem, but it’ll be a mosquito-less day in MN before I ever put Incredimail on my computer again!

~ by turning the page on July 11, 2008.

16 Responses to “incredimail sucks”

  1. My Incredimail constantly crashes. Can’t get their support to respond. Where you able to find a good alternative for Incredimail?

  2. I have found much satisfaction with Animation Factory by Jupiter Images. And I use Thunderbird for email. The 2 seem to work together well – Outlook would trigger spam filters with images, Thunderbird doesn’t.

    It’s not the same as what Incredimail was supposed to be, but it works for what I need. It’s recommended through Microsoft so I feel it’s got its act together way better than Incredimail.

  3. I still want my money back. How do I dump incredimail?

    • You’re gonna make a lot of phone calls and be a broken record: “I am not happy with your product. I want my money back now.” Keep doing it until they do what you want. Don’t discuss anything. Just keep demanding.

  4. Incredimail came out back in 2000 or 2001. I’ve noticed that short of a new UI it’s basically not changed or updated since. Although the animations/notifiers are cute, most of the stationaries are still using very poor quality gif and bmp images. Clearly the boys at Incredimail are still using Windows ME.

    Here are 2 more glitches to add: Mine is blacking out parts of the interface and my min/max/close buttons are gone until I mouse over them.

    I just replied to a student of mine and got a return mail back saying their server doesn’t accept embedded images and attachments. I cleared everything and sent a BLANK email with just text. It came back with the same message. A glitch? Here’s the problem — have you ever received mail from Incredimail? They have an ad that appears in the footer that you can’t see nor turn off. It just appears there in the email. So anyone not accepting html emails or attachments will not ever get mail from an Incredimail customer.

    Here’s another fun one — I had issues downloading through Safari, Firefox, and Opera (the gallery stuff) and realized it was only IE compatible. (Who the hell still uses IE??)

    So I contacted Incredimail. They told me to sign out and log in from the computer I was having issues with. What the hell does that mean?

  5. how to signout from incredmail

    • I have no idea how to unsubscribe anymore. Like I said in my post, I had to email them several times and tell them I was unsatisfied with their product and I wanted my money back. I quit trying to explain what was wrong with it or what problems it caused. I just told them I was not happy with it and kept demanding my money back until they did the right thing. And I wrote this post to warn the world.

  6. It takes forever to open or send an email, and it constantly freezes up so I can’t even see what I’m typing. I can type a whole sentence and nothing shows up for five minutes. The only reason I kept it for so long is that it would not allow me to export my mail to Outlook Express so I could uninstall it. I just bought a new computer, and I have sent all of my email to a new gmail account so I could uninstall this shit from Hell just to make sure that it doesn’t somehow get into the new computer by accident. I WILLl NEVER USE THIS CRAP AGAIN!!!!

  7. what i hate about incredimail is it keeps downloading the same email over and over again

  8. Incredimail does all of that:

    Mess up your computer

    Not function properly

    Provide terrible customer service

    What other email client on the Web offers no spam folder unless you pay extra for it? Even their PREMIUM version requires you to pay extra for a junk folder. The message rules that they direct you to do not function properly. Waste of time and money. Yes, the ones presenting this software are absolutely behind the times and buffer themselves from refunds by avoiding the issues. It’s ALWAYS your computer and not their fault (yeah righto)

    Anyone who decides to come out with something offering the “toots and whistles” of Incredimail (or similar to them) and acts from a foundation of integrity AND provides a decent piece of software will do fine. Incredimail is history.

  9. Incredimail ripped me off. Bought a lifetime license for Incredimail XE Premium and letter creater. Now neither are any good. Have to pay to upgrade to 2.0 which won’t install on my computer. Anyone interested in a class action lawsuit

  10. My wife and I used Incredimail for quite some time – she liked it because of all of the add-ons that it had. We also purchased the Premium Version and they were running a special on some of the packages. We used it until they decided to develop Incredimail 2, which needed a separate Junk Mail Filter (Junk Filter Plus), which they wanted a steep $39.95 per year! Incredimail Premium had a built in Junk Filter that was included with Incredimail.
    We complained and they sent us several new LIcense Codes because they probably knew that they were ripping us off anyway. We finally had to drop it and you are right, it is highly invasive on a computer. It won’t even let you install without making it your Home Page on your browser. I can’t stand their marketing practices. And they are headquartered in Tehran, Israel!

  11. we all learn from are mistakes. I tried the free version and discontinued it shortly after. I thought it was to generic for me. I downloaded it to bounce the spam,but it didn’t really have much effect on bouncing these people.Spam is suppose to be illegal. Yeah, sure!!!!!

  12. to all my name is thomas from orange county ca and incredimail really stinks and after about 10 yrs of off and on useage and my hard drive crashing after 3-6 months of incredimail usage i’m boycotting it permenantly. don’t let it’s fancy outline fool you and the premier editions isn’t worth the money. bottom line: STAY AWAY FROM INCREDIMAIL

    their tech support is all overseas and their extremely rude so i use my windows outlook 2007 email server, works like a charm.

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